Hayford Siaw

Hayford Siaw is a Social Entrepreneur and Development Consultant with experience spanning a decade. He has built organizations serving Ghana and Africa. He founded Street Library in 2011 and has grown it to serve 6 regions of Ghana and 3 other African countries. As skillful negotiator and fundraiser, he has mobilized resources from partners in all continents of the world to support his initiatives. Key among his partners include Ford Motors, Tigo, Global Fund for Children, Reach for Change, Chen Yet Foundation, European Union, United Nations, 92Y, Bayer and many others.Among his notable innovations within Street Library include a mobile crowdsourcing platform for oral narratives in Africa, currently funded by European Commission and with partners including Fraunhofer PT and Microsoft PT.

In addition, in partnership with the telecommunication company, Tigo, Hayford launched the first Electronic Library on Wheels service in West Africa in 2015. Street Library currently serves over 20,000 children annually in Ghana through varied library modules he developed. He is also the founder of Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa(VPWA), an organization that specialized in recruitment and placement of volunteers from around the globe on development projects in Ghana and Liberia.

Hayford holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from University of Ghana Business School(UGBS) with specialization in Project Management. In addition, he studied Leadership and Management at the Picker Centre for Executive Education, School of International and Public Affairs(SIPA), Columbia University, USA.




Hayford receiving a gift from the Prosecutor of ICC- Dr Fatou Bensouda



Hayford with partners at the UN Library, Geneva

Hayford with partners in Porto, Portugal



Moderating World NGO Day in Helsinki Finland



Hayford making a presentation at 92Y, New York