Happy New Year

  Wishing you the best of 2016. On my part, 2016 will be great year filled with many ambitious projects that will impact the lives of many in Ghana and beyond. I look forward to your partnership in making all possible. All the best,


Tips for for achieving and sustaining social enterprise growth

Commence process to identify strategies with a high probability for success – Customer/Client-focused Growth Strategies. Growing the core social enterprise Growing by sub-segmenting customers/beneficiaries Growing adjacent opportunities Strengthen the execution infrastructure by investing in ‘safe bets’. Eliminate bureaucracies Utilize Leading indicators and performance drivers that align with the strategy Grow Leaders at all levels


Becoming the ideal International volunteer

In this series of post, I will be sharing tips on how you can become that trusted International volunteer for your grassroots organisation. Volunteers are motivated by different aspirations and these motivators if not handled carefully could hurt the otherwise good relationship between host organisation and the international volunteer. Tip # 1- Be Clear with[…]


Effective Management of Donor Relationship

Effectively managing your relationship with donors to your cause is critical to its long term sustenance. Unfortunately, the lack of the skills to manage this effectively can lead to major distrust and eventual withdrawal of support. In this series of effective management of donor relationship, we begin with Tip #1 Get a consolidated view of your[…]